Rabbit Hole

The risks I’ve taken,
The odds I’ve proven wrong,

And I can’t seem to get over you,
My heart attached to the picture of you,
That remains in my head,
The creases in the sheets from your body,
The imprint like ash that I can’t seem to rub off.

My pillow smells of salt now,
Full as the sea,
From the waves that wracked inside my heart.

Now you’re back again,
Your face a sweeping shadow,
That lurks in the dark corners of every room I enter.
Your shadow stirs the air in the hallway.

And again I start to stumble,
Causing me to tumble,
Deep down in that hole,

Into your all-consuming love,
Deep down in that hole,

Deep down, I fall,
Arms out,
Spinning round,
I float way deep down,

deep down the rabbit hole


Me Myself and I

See I can love myself & be a companion spiritually/romantically

Feeding myself with knowledge

Digesting positive energy

Physically attracted to my inner being

Awakening my consciousness..

Devoting to self-reliance

Enlightening my struggle with humor

It’s mutual love

Between Me Myself & I