The Boy Who is So Mute


I’m sitting and scoffing
Holding back tears and coughing
What others would call a laugh hidden in disguises
But I wonder if they know they are who my flesh despises
I say flesh because my heart is like a mesh
And absorbs the contours of the distance
The absence of your presence and your mind’s resistance
Notice I say mind because there is an understanding with no reprimanding
That our hearts are intertwined in what we call a bind
But then I see the separation with no trepidation when it comes to our craft of kind
I’ve been told by those bold and even old that I am gifted
I listen to the words and when I feel them
I am like flour that has been sifted
Because see no one listens to a voice that’s strong but meek
They listen for an echo and of me they-
Let go and journey to what they seek
I am left with nothing but my bearing and words
I speak but my voice falls and flies away like startled birds
With many a little unread
Words unsaid like someone blatantly walking across my spine
See, I wonder why music gets attention
When of poetry they are nothing but extension
Of the foundation that stands in nobility
With the ability to rule a nation with playful lyrics and hooks
Taking place of verses and books
I look at my Facebook and I wonder
Why do I gain your attention when it is a song in particular I mention?
Does my work not make you shiver in your boots?
Quake in your soul and boggle your mind to another dimension?
Wait_ let me slow down before my facts come off as questions
Or these facts taken for fiction
I am an “artist” that’s overlooked and never booked
I am an “athlete” that never plays
That wants to leave but my heart stays for the “team”
I am a “writer” who sees to write and type in invisible marker
So I bear down to make it darker
I am the “voice” that never resonates
But the forgiver that exonerates
These things are mere examples of the tramples
That I feel from your subconscious
The posts and sharing that excites me to see but to you is obnoxious
Everyone sees my smile but I’m curious who hears my voice
A voice that has been silenced, choked, and hushed without choice
I speak and I hear the strength in my words
And the courage in my resound
And I look around me and it is as if no one has heard a sound_
No one hears my inner screams and the torment
That rips my core at the seams and flows through my bloodstream
No one hears the cries and soft goodbyes
When you have turned your back
Because words of comfort you lack
No one hears the knuckle cracking
Hoping so bad that every key stroke will make a masterpiece is nerve racking
No one hears how my heart yearns and chest burns
Stomach churns with anticipation
Waiting, hoping, looking and praying
For someone to see the letters that form into words that made my creation
For a moment I come to the light to speak my peace,
But I shrink back when I find no one desires my piece_
If you do hear a voice in hollow places and empty spaces
Keep listening until of my voice you find faint traces
That leads to only a spirit being
That God has given a voice to stand firm never fleeting
Someone who has been judged by many’s repute
Only to be seen and heard as the boy who is mute


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