Out of The Closet

A man comes out the closet
because he wanted to be free
from all the sneaking and hiding
judgemental opinions of negativity

It’s his life to live
so no opinions please dont give
it was hard enough for him to share
this is his burden he has to bare

so before you go and judge him
make sure your slate is clean
some secrets are best kept
unknown and sight seen

A man comes out the closet
because he wanted to be free
to live his life without judgement
of the microscopic eye of society.

No matter what you think, how you feel
about it, it ain’t your battle to fight!



If I googled you, what would I see
on dislay, wide open
what would you share, pictures from years past
or perhaps your current achievements
or maybe nothing a big question mark
mind your business that’s for me to know

If I googled you, would it be nothing but distruths
glasshouses and fancy cars hanging with the wanna-bee’s
BE CAREFUL: Glass crashes when it’s smashed
and fancy cars re-poed

If I googled you, I dont wanna see
my pictures
my words
my thoughts, all stolen by some hacking thief
good grief, my disbelief– because it happened to me!