Confession from Him

u& me

I am a weak and shallow creature
A lonely creature that only wants what he wants for himself and nothing more
I’ve played with love as if it was a toy
Ignorant into not knowing what it truly means
What it truly stands for
Its reason
Its passion
Its sacrifice
For which now I see from my own eyes

I come to you this night with not only forgiveness
For myself but also to let you know
What I feel for you is not lust
Or so much of what is called sexual bliss in ignorance
But a wondering of curiosity about you that I find so so attractive

When I see you walk
I see God
When you speak to me
I can barely speak myself for I am speechless
When you walk past me
The smell of your sweet berries and wine
Intoxicating to me as a High of being drunk or on a drug that’s illegal

My lady you speak to me even in spirit as we are away from each other
No one has ever made me feel this way
I’ve been with other woman before
Blind dates
None of them compare to you
For a long time before I met you
I was ignorant of love
Not really understanding
Just lust
I want more than that now
More than ever as my confession to you is all but open as an Angels wings

Lady of love
Soft as spring rain
Teach me now
Teach me the value of love
What it really means
To love
To adore along with God
My confession to you is this as it rains & pours on me
See me for who I truly am in your heart as I know you do
Not the Bad
Only the Good
Teach me all the wonders of your fruits of love and wisdom

I beg to you as I kneel in the rain
May I be of service to you?
May I be your knight
for I am a Man that is tired from battle from one woman to another?
Back and forth for me is not healthy
You are all I need
You are all I want
You are all I think about

Never have I seen such beauty and essence
all in one beautiful form created by God
He has made me a true believer
Will you teach me how to love?
Will you teach me how to love love?
Will you teach me to understand understanding?
May I serve you?
For this is my confession…………….

The lovely lady welcomes him into her house of heaven
And embraces him with all love
As he devotes his love to her and only her
For she understands his confession…


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