The Prisoner


Days in darkness, only sound is coming from my mind
Feeling around for clues but nothing good I could find
Seems as though I’m shackled to the ground, chained up
Throat dry, voice is muffled and there is nothing in this cup
Where am I? How did I get here? How do I get out?
Trying hard to make a sound but my voice won’t let me shout.
A door opens, footsteps start approaching, a candle gets lit
More clues start emerging, no windows in sight; only brick
A shadowy figure crawls across the wall getting close
It stood in the very faint light and she became exposed.
Cupid was in front of me, smiling so blissfully
She showed me a picture, but I couldn’t see it clearly,
It fluttered into my lap & it happened to be you.
Tears started escaping, she handed me a tissue.
“Are you done running now? She’s still waiting”.
Looking up, “I can’t go back, her heart’s still breaking.”
She pulls out a key, slowly setting me free
Pulled me up to stand but my knees are weak
“She’s been worried, searching for days,
She is all yours, please stop running away.”
She grabs my hand, leading me to the door
“Go home, I don’t want you back here anymore.”
I wobbled away, lost & confused
The sun blinding me, can’t focus on my next move
As soon as I turned around you embraced me
“I won’t let you go again, why don’t you believe?
You have my heart, isn’t that enough?”
I nodded my head & sighed.
Another prisoner of love…



The Wreath


Today,  please, make a promise
When I’ll get demise
Yes when I get death
For me, you will bring a wreath
Lay it down to my grave
Keep some silence and be brave
Need not the sobs and the wails
In such a solitude dale
This wreath, when you will present
Though I dead but smell your scent
Oh! Sweetie on it, I cherish
And its my eternal wish
Yes when I get death
For me you will bring a wreath
I may not know your place as of yet
But I too will do the same
I will do it if it happens before me,
I pray it doesn’t happen
Coz I can’t imagine life without knowing you are alive
Yes with you alive.