She had been through hell..
No one ever knew
No one could even tell
I saw through her soul
In a time of season that was winter cold
Her spirit had been broken so much from inside
She was no longer herself a woman that was whole

She was terrifically in pain
Many of time I saw her
Free yet bitter at the world
Bitter towards ex-lovers
who played with her heart toyed with her emotions
Bitter she was
Dark with hatred she was
She reminded me of myself at one point in my life..
One day..

She came to my home of peace
Deep down..
She knew as I knew what she needed..
She needed to be released
She needed love
Not from me or for me or anyone else
She needed love for herself
She needed to be healed
She needed to be cleaned
Dark as July it was I told her with a calm voice of warmth
“Come in…”
Covered in man’s ugly world of anger and hatred

I fixed her not a shower
I drew her bath water
on the bottom laid flowers of nourishment to caress her body
on top laid flowers to heal her body as well as her mind
To bring that Victorian feeling she needed most
I said to her…”Breathe it in….take in this medicine for your
soul as well as your body..”
“May I have some alcohol to drink”
My reply…”No…for alcohol you have had to much of,
but I shall give you water to drink with lemon & cucumber
to help clean out the poison within you”
Disappointed her face looked but she would get over it

Soon a river of tears began to run down her face
She could no longer hold it in
For an hour she tried not to
But….I knew she would
“Let it out, just let it out, no one else is here
Just you and I
The fact you tried to hold it in means you are still strong
There’s nothing to fear..
You have a lot of fight in you…it shows..”
She turned over in the tube of water I made for her crying
I knew her pain
As well as I knew her name
Soon I began to wash her body
She trusted me
My presence made her know and feel safe
I began with her face
The mark left on it represented hate as well as
Violent cruelty from a man so called who was a coward
Her ex-lover, her tormentor a coward
Next I washed her arms
Abuse from her own mother
My question to myself..
Where was her father
Yet I dare not ask…..cause I already knew that answer
I began to wash her back
While washing her back
I could feel the heat of anger within her still
Allow yourself to heal….
Let the healing formula potions work its wonders on you….
But more importantly let God heal you….
Allow him to heal you
I gave her the cloth

As you are a butterfly that started out as a moth
This too shall pass in time
Hold fast to my words sista
You are still a diamond that will continue to shine
For in the eyes of God
You are his child
As we all are
Finish cleaning yourself

I shall give you privacy
You have clothes I have prepared for you…there on the bed
It’s your bed
If you need help
Just call my name
I shall come…..for as a Man in this house of mine
I am only one
All that you have been through is now over with and done
You will suffer no more

As she looked at me she lowered her head and said..
“Thank you…thank you for your kindness.”
I replied….”Raise your head up sista,
Your head has hung low for too long…
A new day for you begins tomorrow..
Rest here sista, I shall continue to heal you
till you need no healing
She looked amused, like Alice in Wonderland

Hope within her eye
Once again she cried
Yet soon she would not cry anymore..


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