Case of the eX


Ups and downs, lefts and rights

We’ve been there and we’ve seen it

Even said some things we didn’t mean at the time

But I can’t stand here and not say
there hasn’t been a point where I haven’t thought about you,
because you’ve crossed my mind daily,
ran through my head like Usain Bolt and like lightening,
you struck.
Giving me a shock of what was,
and now what isn’t.
People said to me that I should have risen,
move on,
and find someone different,
when you think about it…
its not that easy,
to find someone like that who knows how to please me.
It was like you knew every part of me.

We was that ride or die couple,
the one that nobody couldn’t topple
and no matter how much they tried,
we just wouldn’t fall…
in fact we soared,
higher than anyone could ever reach
and this kinda love was something you couldn’t teach,
but learn with your eyes
and realise that the person you like may turn out to be the one you love.
I cared for you like a dove,
tended to your every need,
even thought about planting that seed
and having a child so one day we can give them the book of life to read.

Time moved on and you made my heart bleed.
We reached that point where we departed
and I was left broken hearted,
got to that point where we had to go our separate ways
and for days upon days
I did nothing but reminisce at what I truly miss
because what we had, was truly bliss.
Your kiss.
I called you my sugar lips,
loved playing with your hips when we fooled at night,
getting to that point of the highest height
and try as they might.
We was untouchable.

Almost a year now and I still picture your face,
seeing that place and your image leaving a trace of where we were last.
I’m not gonna deny that I wouldn’t mind seeing you again,
but I would have to remember that your strictly a friend
cause now, you’re my ex.


Happy Birthday Gab


Today is my birthday
I celebrate with myself
I’m singing good cheer
No one is near
But me
Today is the day I’ve turned 2_
I hope I have a lot of fun
even if I spend it alone
How much I have seen myself
Every year I have grown
Time goes by so fast
Childhood never last
Now I am stuck in adult hood
I would go back in the future if I could
Back to my birth
Twirling back the earth
Where I could spend my days cradled in my mother’s arms
The birthday alarm has rang
But this year I won’t blow out the candles of my life
Until I have let the sparks go bang
This year will be different than the rest
Bringing on no one single tear
No one will notice today is the day
But today is like a golden bay
Wish a light sun ray would spread its wings and fly my way
Sing a song to my ears and let it stay…..

Happy Birthday to me, Happy Birthday to me,
Happy Birthday dear me, Happy birthday to meee,

My lover will come and go
Just like a stormy weathers flow
Running from here and there
On this day surprises would be rare
She asks me what I want
Nothing special could be bought
Her love is the only thing that could be shared
Through my bared heart this year
She is the only gift I need
But this she will never read
So Thus I must wait until she come
From running around to gift me a gem stone
Of what she thinks I might cherish more than her.
Thus I sit here alone and sing myself a lovely verse ….

Happy Birthday to me, Happy Birthday to me,
Happy Birthday dear me, happy birthday to meee,
Have a good one, nothing new.