Pain of Goodbye


If This is Goodbye
I’m going to make it one day,
you may forget me, but when I do you’ll remember who I am
Then you’ll read all my poems once again,
and you’ll know they were about you
With whoever you’re with, and wherever you are
I’ll lay etched on the front of your mind like a woundless scar
And your mind will bleed
All of our memories
And you’ll lay and float in a symphony
Of thoughts of me
If only for a while
All these hours I’ve put into writing these
They’ll all be worthwhile



Numbing my pain with a smile

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Numbing my pain with a smile,
I need alone time for a while,
but I feel alone,
with no home, hate in my tone,
and hiding emotion I have previously shown.
My eyes and hands are seeking affection,
even though I know it’s the wrong direction,
you and this stranger have the same complexion.
I feel the person I used to be coming out,
and I’m afraid no doubt,
because I don’t know what this is about.
I thought I was a new man before my world was shaken,
I don’t know if I was just faking,
but i hope that this was a bad dream and I pull you closer when I awaken….