Deep breaths, as I calm my spirit.
You are so, sickeningly beautiful,
my mind isn’t broad enough to wrap around you.
Perfection should be your middle name,
Or maybe perfectING is more like it,
You’re patient.

You saw me for what I was,
But what I wanted to be mattered more.
You were patient.
A broken shamble in front of your eyes,
but you insisted on cleaning me up.
You were patient.
Trying to fix me is gonna leave you with bloody fingers,
I warned you.
Though I’m easy to laugh with,
I am hard to love,
I told you.
Like a broken frame,
glass lays over something you find so beautiful.
You were patient.

Deep breaths, as I try to gather my thoughts,
I can’t hurt you.
It’s been a journey, or a boxing match, rather..
I am turned into my own corner, arms flailing.
You are so new to me.
You are patient.

No matter how hard the blows are,
you wipe your brow and come back to me,
Arms open; lie here, you say.
You are patient.
Love has never known my name,
and yet you find a way to venture her into my doorstep.
It’s a losing battle, I say.
Love?! Me? You want to LOVE me?
I believe the word you are looking for is impassable,
my dear for nothing is impossible, you say.
You pull me into a wonderland.
This story is a bit different, though.
I’m not an Alice, I’m a Me and we don’t just wander,
not knowing where to go, but still
You are patient.

Soft kisses on my forehead, as you hold my hand.
And you don’t understand why this brings tears to my eyes,
You are so patient.
You beautiful fool, don’t you see?
I will be your ultimate downfall, I tell you.
But your hard-headed; like screaming at my own reflection,
you will not falter.
Deep breaths, as I try to take it all in.
So, this is love?
You kiss me, sucking all the poison from my wounds,
not thinking about what will happen to you.

So, this is love…
Putting my pieces together,
ignoring your bleeding, burning fingertips,
You just want me whole again..
Deep breaths, as I open my eyes…
Let’s try this again, my sweet baby.
You have been patient, long enough.
Take my hand, and let’s do this right.
So, this…
This. Is. Love..


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