Stormy Trials


The wind began to rage
and the sky grew black
I stood on the bridge
that’s when lightening cracked
I threw my hands in the air
screamed at the top of my lungs
If you’re real, show yourself
I’m tired of holding on
The moment I said this
rain fell from the sky
I sat down on the bridge
and I began to cry
Father forgive me
I cant help but doubt
there are so many things
that I’m doing without
I don’t mean to get angry
I don’t want to lose faith
Please, if you’re there
Tell me my life’s not a waste
Just then a rainbow
appeared in the clouds
a small voice within said
even Jesus had doubts
This voice that I heard
I know wasn’t my own
Reminded me I’ve stumbled
But each time I’ve grown
I stood up and marveled
at the miracle I had seen
now filled with a peace
that only God could bring


Turn Down for What?? [Easter Special]


If you choose to high jump, as opposed to pole vault.
Recognize my name isn’t Rudisha, and it ain’t my fault.
Proverbs 3:5 say, “Trust in the LORD with all thine heart;
and lean not unto thine own understanding.”
So I’m gonna trust my pole to help give me height and to propel me
While you try to stick your own landing.
You’re good, but because I trust in God,
I’m better and I’m trying to be my best.
But not too soon though, I’m not quite ready to rest.
I’m my own competition and yet people hate me
Who aren’t even in my league.
I’m the one with sickness in my body
But when they’re up against me, they begin to feel fatigued.
I focus on me, my competition doesn’t even cross my mind.
As far as they’re concerned, I’m Helen Keller, deaf and blind.
I hear no evil, see no evil, but life and death is in the tongue.
And I must admit, I can go in on my adversaries
But please don’t judge me, I’m still young.
God ain’t through with me, because my mouth’s a lethal weapon.
So if I see someone I don’t too much care for, I try to keep it stepping.
I don’t wish death on anyone and not even really ill will
but sometimes I take it there when I’m expressing how I feel.
Which is why I try to stay prayed up like Marvin Sapp
But I believe Jesus is on break or saving lives
When certain individuals let their lips flap
Opened and closed doing a lot of gum bumping.
I said God ain’t through with me and if I say Jesus take the wheel,
But I’m still whipping, I don’t mind getting it on and jumping.
Okay, that’s my flesh. Let me reel it back in.
I can’t be catching charges! No God! Kids, say no to sin.
Young men, please do not be fooled
It’s cool to turn up, sip drank and smoke a little bit.
Or so they say
but the life, the truth, the way.
That ain’t it.
You can still turn up
with juice, water or soda in your cup.
And your music don’t have to be carnal, they got Christian hip hop
Put on Lecrae, Daddy Owen, Astar, or Juliani and the party don’t stop.
Young ladies, please do not be fooled,
There’s no such thing as twerking for Jesus.
You have to be a bit more selective, on who leads you.
You can hit the Nae Nae in the name of our Heavenly Father
But if you got to gyrate, please don’t even bother.
Turn down for what?! Oh, coz even God rested.
And while you turning up, you could be getting tested.
Joshua 24:15 says, “choose this day whom you will serve.”
So let’s get back in the church and tell the club God to swerve.
It’s not an easy thing to do
so surround yourself with those who are souled out like you.
Lose friends
don’t fit in
We Children of God, we’re supposed to stand out.
I want you to know God is with you, without a doubt.
Yes trials and tribulations, you too, will be subjected to
but walking by faith instead of sight,
Will most definitely bring you through.
These words I recite are not just typed up on a page
I chose to serve God at a very young age.
My walk ain’t been flawless, I’m still a fleshly creature.
But the ways of Lucifer, I do my best not to feature
If you need some guidance and don’t know which way to turn
Hit me up, coz it wasn’t that long ago all these things I had to learn.
Shine bright like a diamond, in the name of Jesus Christ
Coz, so that you may live again,
He paid for your sins and his life was the price.