Stormy Trials


The wind began to rage
and the sky grew black
I stood on the bridge
that’s when lightening cracked
I threw my hands in the air
screamed at the top of my lungs
If you’re real, show yourself
I’m tired of holding on
The moment I said this
rain fell from the sky
I sat down on the bridge
and I began to cry
Father forgive me
I cant help but doubt
there are so many things
that I’m doing without
I don’t mean to get angry
I don’t want to lose faith
Please, if you’re there
Tell me my life’s not a waste
Just then a rainbow
appeared in the clouds
a small voice within said
even Jesus had doubts
This voice that I heard
I know wasn’t my own
Reminded me I’ve stumbled
But each time I’ve grown
I stood up and marveled
at the miracle I had seen
now filled with a peace
that only God could bring


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