The Society Just Hates Me


I am free and I am passionate.
My mind is twisted and I pour my soul into everything I do.
I am a rebel, but I’m so scared to put my foot down.
I am a ball of fury and fire,
I am glass that is easily cracked.
I am strong, but I am weak.
I stand out, and yet no one can remember my face or name.
My insides are dark but I’ve been told I shed the brightest light
On the days where the skies are very grey.
They all try to contort my views and crush my spirits
Because I do not agree with their ideas.
They ask me what I think but cover their ears as I begin to speak.
They look at me like I am crazy,
And yes! I am a little insane,
I am just someone who is struggling to feel alive
In a world that makes me want to die.
I am different,
I am unacceptable on their terms,
I laugh at their disdain and fight to loosen the chains
They locked so tight around me.
I need to break free, before I break down.
The Society Just Hates Me


What is life

What is Life


We can quote the masses
When we are young we think of life everlasting
Good and bad things will happen
The joy and pain we experience cannot be read in closed caption
The stress in people eyes you could see the sadness
The smile of a little child makes you feel fantastic
What is the key to life
This question we keep asking
Is it living happily ever after or do we turn to religion
If we are born to sin
Then we are destined to do wrong, when we know its wrong within
Our heart and it has no thoughts
Yet it control us more than the brain
You have to be insane
To be in love with someone that’s cheating on you and wont change
Beating on you but for some reason you still stay
This game of life, once you’re born its time to play
You could be born in Africa, Europe, or Asia
Who knows what lies for your future
You could be a king like Martin Luther
Or begging for change with the rest of the losers
Can’t put the blame on no one, you’re the chooser
Sometimes you get dealt a bad hand
But knowledge of self, give u strength to stand
To fight for life, cause its precious
Going in circles, I finally learned my lesson
Now I’m elevating, I praise my dedication to patience
Down for so long I thought I was finished
Cause when I was winning the interference entered
But I refused to make excuses or fall victim
And I’m improving proving, that i will never give in
So the hardships I’ve been thru only strengthened
And now independent is how I’m living
But its like I’m starving, been so long since I felt the me
Happy days I feel the joy when I remember them
This life is a gift
So I smile cause I’m living it