The Society Just Hates Me


I am free and I am passionate.
My mind is twisted and I pour my soul into everything I do.
I am a rebel, but I’m so scared to put my foot down.
I am a ball of fury and fire,
I am glass that is easily cracked.
I am strong, but I am weak.
I stand out, and yet no one can remember my face or name.
My insides are dark but I’ve been told I shed the brightest light
On the days where the skies are very grey.
They all try to contort my views and crush my spirits
Because I do not agree with their ideas.
They ask me what I think but cover their ears as I begin to speak.
They look at me like I am crazy,
And yes! I am a little insane,
I am just someone who is struggling to feel alive
In a world that makes me want to die.
I am different,
I am unacceptable on their terms,
I laugh at their disdain and fight to loosen the chains
They locked so tight around me.
I need to break free, before I break down.
The Society Just Hates Me


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