They beat me and I called you to save me … but you couldn’t..
so I secretly resented you.
They took our babies and sold them,
I begged you to save us.. but you couldn’t ..
so I secretly blamed you..
They raped me, and I cried out for you to protect me… but you couldn’t…..
So I stopped trusting you…
You were supposed to be my man..
my provider..
my protector
but when I needed you.. you couldn’t be there…
so I hated you…
How could I let you tell me what to do.
When Franc could protect me more than you..
How could I submit to you when you are forced to submit to Franc?
So to protect myself I submitted to the one who could protect me and our children.
I stopped trusting you..
I stopped loving you..
I stopped honoring you..
I stopped valuing you and in turn I became valueless to you.

I didn’t see the frustration in your eyes when our children were sold..
I didn’t hear your silent cries when I was beaten.
I didn’t see your anger when I was being ravished..
I didn’t understand that you held your emotions to be strong for me..
I didn’t even notice that you fell sick for me
you paid with your health
I thought you didn’t care..
but you wanted to be there…
you wanted to protect me..
you wanted to ….
but Franc made it so you couldn’t
so I would trust him more than you.
I didn’t see the hidden hands shaping our destiny..
all I saw was my pain..
and the feeling that you neglected me..

you wouldn’t go out with me..
I felt less of a woman
You wouldn’t hold my hand as we walk along the streets
I felt not cared for…
I needed more PDA
A show off…
I needed them to know that am loved,
But you never gave me the opportunity to demonstrate that

For all the times I blamed you,
I’m sorry
For the resentment and distrust I’ve held against you for centuries..
I’m sorry
For the times I’ve let you down
I’m sorry,
For the times you called me for reconciliation and I turned you down..
Because I had to give Franc my time…
I am Sorry
For all the times I’ve broken your spirit with my words and my actions.
I am Sorry
For the times I openly rejected you.. and tried to control you .. because I thought less of you..
I’m sorry..
Franc had a plan.. that he said would work for 400 years..
400 years is over now..
I am still cupid, worse of.
I pray I would be with you

My eyes are wide open… ..
I see the king in you…
I am now ready to listen to you..
Tell me what you want and I will do it..
Please forgive my wrongs and see your queen in me…
Please let’s get back together..
Please treat me as the little princess you called me..
Though I couldn’t realize what you had in your heart..
Let’s build our dreams once again..
We’re made for each other…
We can do it Babe we can.


One Man Team


I am my team
I tell my team about my situation
And they go about that action without the slightest of hesitation
That team is made up of people I made acquaintance with on my own.
They always down to ride so, just know I’m never alone.
I am my team.

And we have the same dream.
To reach pinnacles and mountain tops without the influence of cream
Cash rules everything around me
But I just wanna live, I ain’t too much interested in money.
Coz I know
When money comes, realness is quick to go.
And right now
I’m trying to figure out how
To make it from day to day
I’m sure Jesus will make a way

But what am I to do
When I wake up feeling blue
And when I lay down to sleep
Satan has to be such a creep
Invading my dreams with negative things
Like me in a tub of bloody water with slit wrists and with a note that says I’m sorry.

Those are the things he has me envisioning.
But I’m not going down without a fight
I will conquer him with all my might.
I’m not trying to go to hell
Me and heat don’t get along too well.
And yes, I’m an open book
So you can take a good look
Listen to what I have to say
So you won’t have to go that way

I’m taking over for the kingdom
And Satan may be a lot of things, but he is dumb.
He knows if I’m on fire for Christ
There’s no chance that his heist
Of my life and those who I influence will go off without a hitch
Satan’s eternal glitch
Is God’s children’s love for him and what he’s done for them.
His light for us is never dim.
He’s the peace that surpasses all understanding.
He’s the reason that even though your parachutes faulty, you have a successful landing.
God got me and when I forget, my team reminds me.
And there’s no way I’m gonna fail, with Him and them behind me.