Migratory Emotions


Chased and chased,
only for so long,
you became a looter in a riot,
took my heart and was gone.
Smooth criminal you turned out to be,
dreams I had of you and me
You became my favorite wish,
as I closed my eyes and count to three
I knew this would happen, it always does
Light as a rock, you floated off like a dove
Disappointed in you,
no that would be wrong,
living without a heart,
I still remained strong
Friendship prolonged,
friendship gone wrong,
made a left for your crib,
should’ve made a right and went home
Fighting this inner battle to leave you alone,
like you did my heart that night,
remember, it was cold, no good for me,
a house filled with mold,
Filled with tension and migraine
My wish was over once I opened my eyes,
left me out to dry, I swore I wouldn’t cry
Funny how emotions, take over the mind
my vision was halted but not demised
Time spent together,
will not my prayers smother
I knew I became important,
premature death,
this bond of a friendship should’ve been aborted
Vision distorted, focused on you,
I was only being shorted
I Love You…and…


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