Its not you its me


I was just on twitter ranting (well not really ranting since I wasn’t angry) about how BPD isn’t about the person you’re in a relationship with. Whether its romantic/friend/family. But a lot of non-bpd people take it very personal. I get it, if someone lashed out at me Id most likely take it personal.

But what the non-bpd person needs to do, is learn how BPD works and why we react the way we do. We respond to things based on our environments, so non-bpd being in an environment that makes us anxious/upset we will lash out at them. Does that make sense?

I always encourage people with BPD to tell non-bpd people to read Borderline Personality Disorder for dummies. It literally dumbs down BPD and makes it so easy my 6 year old could understand it. It gives examples of how a non-bpd person responds and then how a…

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