You told me to walk a mile in your shoes,
I walked seven carrying your shoes,
I know how it feels, more than It shows
I’ve been in it and tried to comprehend it
But every time I do so my mind fails to fit
Aren’t we all destined to greatness???
Bet when disaster falls do they choose who to attack?
Yes… some disaster choose….. some are just that

You told me you want a hot shower,
You cannot bend to our ordinary karai….
Then you electrocuted your help,
All this while you bathed in your tub
You drowned your wife in the bathtub…. after a short argument
You could not hear me knock on your door because of your loud music
I do not blame you….
You call yourself the hype. ..the type
But the rich also cry

You asked me to give you a sunken lounge
Overlooking a garden
With an entire glass wall to bring ambience and panoramic views
I joined you in the enjoyment of the little pleasures
But when I advised you to consider your old age,
You ignored me,
It’s my money, so you said
Then your daughter, your beloved one,
Had an accident and confined on a wheel chair,
The sunken lounge was a waste,
You couldn’t use it you called….. again,
To lift its spirits,
Charged you for the interior works,
The golden staircase to the bedrooms….
With balconies overlooking the beach turned dusty, defects
Rodents found residents in the areas formerly executive..
You have to have servants using your exclusives
Coz the rich also cry

You asked me to do a kitchen in your bedroom
You Can’t. …walk to the kitchen at night
Oh yes…your darling is understanding…
You adore your sleep and he works late..
The first love, the one you swore before the cross
To love and to adore
To be there for in sickness and in health…..
Now he has to warm his food coz your sleep can’t be interrupted
He loves you so he did a kitchenette
But now he’s ready to sign the papers
Coz the rich also cry.

We built it near the ocean, and another one on the mountains
Coz you have to have two lives…
One for the beach and one for the village..
Money can buy anything I agree
The mountain one had to have a swimming pool
Because you have to have waters.. and swim with your family.. and sidechick
occasionally. ..
The pool had to be warm and gardens.. the lilies of the valleys
roses are red but violets can’t be blue i agree…
It is there they drowned your driver before you ran for your live
I didn’t know that villages can be that dangerous for the rich
But then again, they also cry.


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