My Choice My Choice

My dress

The media is using you as pawns against yourselves…
showing you these ‘grown boys’ masquerading as successful men..
So you do everything that’s acceptable to them
But he says he wants a project chick,
a hood rat chick cause he doesn’t have a type….
bad gals is all he like..
And if you’re not a hoe you better get out of his trap ‘house’….
Cause he can make you famous on instagram..
He’s sponsored articles on what he wants,
Magazines exclusives to you, he’s called you the “to die for”

So here is my two coins advice,
Get the strategy seek to be all the things your ‘kings’ want you to be
Posing in front of the mirror in thongs..
Cause in his last song He said that this is what he wants
I can’t go wrong
Then a bunch of thirsty peasants like and comment on your photos’
I got 10,000 likes,
I’m that bad, girl you ain’t know?
”Then you add more semi nude pics, cause ”not everyone can do this,
I’ve got a body of a goddess, look I’m sexy and flawless ‘
I would suggest that you show less……
And cover your up your….. cause the jokers in the media don’t speak for real men of class..
They make you think that your value is in your body and sex..
A man of class looks at those pictures shakes his head and think ”NEXT’
Cause he cant take you to his momma house
Or even to a fine restaurant
He can take you to his bedroom but that’s not what he wants

A real king will look at you and want to get you some help
Because your exposing your body
You must not love yourself
And if he starts a conversation you might be overwhelmed
Cause he just might ask you the questions that he’s asking himself
Like ‘you’ve got a nice body, where your brains at?”
You’ve got a pretty face, where your goals and your aims at?
you’ve got a nice rounded hmm.. but baby girl where your class at?”
So you think a real king wont ask that?

See the media has you all in some mental chains
Pushing you around as pawns
In this mental game
You’re destroying yourselves and each other
And it’s for their gain
Then you’re looking at each other like which one’s to blame.

You’re setting yourself up for failure
See you’re looking for a king ….but attracting a joker.
So just switch up the strategy
Do you know who you are?
baby girl you are royalty…
Start acting accordingly.
The real kings will see the queen in you
A rare woman of quality
And he will choose you …. over the peasantry.
It’s time, you redirect the energy
Pick up a book, learn things to make him think ‘damn she’s fine’
Cause what a king is looking for, is what you’ve got in your mind
Let the peasants have their glory……15 seconds of fame
A real queen sits on the throne while peasants entertain.


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