Don’t Fear Fame for Me


Ever since I can remember, I’ve heard that I’m destined for fame.
I’m supposed to be legendary millions of people will know my name.
But these days the pressure of fame seem to be too much
For people of all ages, if they want it, it’s close enough to touch.
But don’t fear fame for me.
I won’t be maneuvering aimlessly.
I’ve got a purpose to shed light on my Lord and Saviour.
So, I’ll be grounded in the word of the man who continually shows me favour.
They say, “more money, more problems ” but the price for my life is paid in full.
I know from every angle, temptation will tug and pull.
But if I wake up every morning with my mind stayed on Jesus
Do what I came to do in the name of the one who freed us
Of our sins
Never trying to fit in
I can make it
I won’t fake it
To get people to like me.
I don’t do it for flesh and blood so for a stranger, it’s unlikely.
Don’t fear fame for me.
Be my biggest fans and scream my name with the
People who love me and what I stand for.
Who wants to guard me against the crazed fans that want more
Than what I’m offering?
Who gonna keep the psycho’s off of me?
Don’t fear fame for me.
The only people who need to be afraid is my competition,
I’m coming for every opportunity.
I’m trying to fill the spot of every single vacancy.
Don’t fear fame for me.
The world won’t be the same once they get a taste of Gab


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