“Without God, I Couldn’t. Without YOU, I WOULDN’T! “


You always speak of my admirable strength.
But I don’t think you’ve evaluated the situation at length.
See, I’ve always tried to stay saved
Coz you’ve endured tougher trials and maybe my way has been paved
By the strength shown by you.
So when I’m about to flip my lid, I wonder what would you do.
You see a brave face
But my emotions are a roller coaster but poetry taught me how to save face.
If all else fails, plaster on a smiley to fight back the emotions.
You’ve been my strength these many years.
When I think of giving up, my mind ends up on you.
And you’ve fought for my life like no other, so I should probably fight too.
I always write you poems, coz I’d cry if I tried to just say it plain as day.
And you know I’m one of a kind, so I do everything my own way.
I love you to the moon and back, Happy Mothers’ Day!
If I attained all the riches in the world, but I didn’t have you,
I’d be a hot mess and for a man like myself, hot mess just won’t do.
I know one day, you’ll go on to glory
But your time has not expired, God isn’t finished with your story.
So while I have you here, I’m gonna smother you with love.
Coz if I’ve experienced anything so precious, it’s a mother’s love.
MY mother’s love. You mean the world to me.
Coz if God didn’t use you as a vessel, amongst the living, I wouldn’t be.
I’ve made it past the devil’s attempts to help me buy my ticket to hell.
Your efforts are not unnoticed, I recognize them very well.
And when these tests and trials cease and desist.
A Hallelujah, Thank You Jesus, Turn Up in Jesus’ name praise break will be in order,
I shall not resist
Temptations to go overboard with praise.
Coz God will have seen me through these sick and weary days.
The party don’t start till you walk in
Coz the life of the party, goes by the name of Jane.
Turn uhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh! I love you and you can boss me around ONLY for now.
Coz you know one day, I’ll get the one you’ve been praying for me to get,
And she will definitely want the most out of me, and the best. And I will give her
I said it once before but nothing’s wrong with a repeat!
Happy Mothers’ Day, now let’s go home and I tell you more!!!