Family not DNA!


Blood Related
Though the resemblance is there
The feeling is faint
And even with all the blood that we share
My brushes don’t seem to paint
As a part of me
Or what I have become
You see family is what I live for
Who’d I give my last breath
And it’s frightening to say
If you called on me for help
My ears would go deaf
You can’t be there when I want
And expect me to pick and choose
Because if it were between family
And a blood relation
You would surely lose
You see because we look alike
Or share the same DNA
Doesn’t make us family
It just doesn’t work that way
If you can forget about me throughout your day
And only bring me up in small talk or in need
You have already conjured yourself a caged bird
That was long ago freed
If there’s one thing that you’ve taught me
It’s the power behind my very own voice
So know that we are just a blood relation
Clichés aside
Those whom I call my family is my choice,
Yes, my choice.
My family, my choice.


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