My Bed


It’s 2 am
Today has just begun to settle herself in
And yesterday is still as fresh as the well cut grass outside my bedroom window
Laid up in my queen size bed
I wonder how many others are laying up waiting for the crickets to turn into birds
Suddenly realizing that their chirps are one and the same.
Peaceful yet a nuisance
When it seems it’s the only thing that seems to be louder than the beating in my chest
Lying in a bed that knows my body so well
And has become the only thing I am comfortable being naked laying on top of
A well wrapped head, and a pillow that knows my every thought,
my every dream and my every fear
my repository…a haven
I hope no one ever breaks into my house while I’m not there
Because my room is the only place left that comforts me,
and if anything was taken from it…….
I would never be the same
Everything has it’s place…and I know where each one resides.
And at 2 am
On a rainy day
My bed is the only place I can imagine being
It amazes people that I spend so much time in my room
And when they ask why
I simply tell them
That my room knows my deepest secrets
And I stick around making sure that it doesn’t reveal them to a soul.