Shame on You! (of absentee Fathers)


One of my greatest prayer is that God will make me the dad to my kids.
That God will help me to raise them correctly.
To model Christ love, respect & integrity to them.
To do for them what I didn’t get done to me.
To show them greater love than I ever get to enjoy.

I’ve seen irresponsible fathers and how they have marred and messed up the lives of their kids.
I have seen men that only thought the proof of their manhood is their genitals or wealth.

Shame on you and the career you build without building your sons into real men.
Shame on you and the business empire you build at the expense of your kids.

Shame on you and the ministry you build at the expense of your family.
Shame on you for raising another generation of hopeless and confused boys and girls
that will grow up without the love of a definite father.
Boys and girls who will in turn raise another generation like themselves
except God intervenes to break the chain!
Shame on anything you build without building your kids
into responsible and God-fearing adults!

Shame on you and your money,
shame on you and your career.
Shame on you and the success you were pursuing
while you son is upstairs in his room building a bomb!
Shame on you and your busy schedule that made you not to notice
while your neighbour keep abusing your kids!

Shame on you father that the devil is ravaging your sons
with internet pornography while you are jumping up and down
from one country to another on business trips.
Shame on you fathers that under your roof your daughter
is being recruited a lesbian and you’re out there preaching to others peoples kid.

Your kids have gone through hell and back and you don’t even know it.
Hell in school,
hell in the house.
hell in the neighbourhood
Some of them have even been raped without daddy knowing about it.
Some of them have been molested by uncles and cousins
without daddy have the slightest knowledge
Incest going on right, left and centre right under your roof!
Where are the fathers!

Some of them have had pregnancy aborted at 15
while daddy is still assuming they are but little kids and virgins.
The worse thing is not that your girl became pregnant at 15,
the worst thing is for you not to be there for her.
In fact the question is not yet how your son became homosexual right under your roof
but the question is where were you?!
Shame on you men that will not be real father!

Shame on you if all you do is provide the semen and you’re since absent.
Shame on you absent or silent fathers!

Shame on you fathers that beat a boy’s mum
right in front of the boy and thereby setting a spiral of women abuse and disrespect

Shame of you for sowing evil seeds that your kids must eat from
even down to your fourth generation just by your reckless and unbridled lifestyle!

It’s the failure of fathers that we have to be battling with in our society.
Every social vices we see around us today
can be traced directly or indirectly to the failure of a father somewhere.

You’ve gotten your priority wrong fathers!
Shame on you if your kids and family is not your first priority.

Your family is supposed to be your first priority,
not your career,
not your business,
not your money,
not even your ministry.
If you fail at home, at raising your kids, you failed in ALL and you’re worse than an infidel.
Get your priority right men!
Shame on you!!!!