Sweet Pain


How in the hell did I get here?
Tears in my eyes, chest tight, fist clenched
No words, mind racing, my shirts drenched
I’m supposed to be happy?!?
I’m having a hard time wrapping my mind around all this emotion
Saying anything about its only gonna cause more commotion
Let me roll up a blunt………
I need to zone out and not think for awhile
Smoked out, eyes closed and not blink for awhile
The more I suppress what’s on my heart the tighter my chest
Two weeks ago if you would have asked I was blessed
Right now I’ve been faced with the harsh reality
My hearts in a million pieces pardon the irrationality
Can we go back or are we too broken?
Back to when it was all love and no ill words were spoken
I fell in love with your laugh and that smile
I just wanna fix this so you’ll stay for awhile
Lay my head on your shoulder and listen to your whisper
But instead we igging each other,
I’m feeling like you got cold feet
What’s a King without his Queen, his Princess?
This chess not checkers so I got something to prove
The Queen protects her King so not one false move
My heads spinning I’m feeling like I’m missing pieces
One wrong word and the conversation ceases
I just want my friend back no matter what the cost
Instead of constantly checking my phone thinking of what I’ve lost
I just miss you…..
and I’m still up wondering how in the hell I got here.

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