The Floating Rock


Golden Trinkets
A jewellery box full of memories
And the sound of you breathing on the back of my neck
Are the only quivers I remember that night
Subtle thoughts
Of what ifs and maybes
And yet I stood still
Unbothered by the confusion on your face
As I listened to you make a titanic out of my heart
So misplaced and scattered by your own emotions
My heart was a shipwreck
Adored from the shores
But the glaciers that left your lips that night
So cold and precise
When it finally hit
It ripped in two
Causing everyone after you to abandon ship
Now sinking
In what seems to be a bath
Full of tears in which you’ve created
How dare you drown?
You can’t save
What you’ve destroyed
So save yourself
Just so you can live with the fact that you must live
Without me
Watch me sink
Remember the memories
We left in my jewellery box
That’s now afloat with me
And know that I became
The most adored ship
After you wrecked me
You’ll read about me one day
My love
And when you do
You’ll know why you can no longer fall in love
Because I had full custody of your heart
So that ***** sunk with me