I Pray (dedicated to my late Sister)


I won’t live my life any other way
No violence, no theft, no rumours
Cause I hope to see you some day
I pray
This comes from my heart
No thinking, no confusion
An when we meet I wish we won’t part
I pray
I know you had no choice
But life is life
And I shall soon hear your voice
I pray
I know you got your wings
In a happy place upstairs
And I can’t live without hearing you sing
I pray
You’re in much better place
With happy people and no worries
But I can’t stand it not to see your face,
That’s why I have your picture on my wall
I pray
I wish I could see you now
Then I would have no worries
And you’ll bring me a smile
I pray
Just in case you don’t see me tomorrow
Or even the day after
When I rise we can have laughter
I pray
I cry every time I see your name, and photo
I can’t get over it
I wish it was me instead of you
I pray
All my feelings and emotions are in one poem
I can’t hold it in
So that’s how I show them
I pray


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