apples and oranges

Sometimes I cannot help but wonder,
How I would be like if ever,
I turned out an apple,
Like you,
I mean,
You are sleek,
You are elegant in all the aspects of the word,
Awed even,
You are an apple,
The highest of all fruits.

And then there is me,
Hidden under layers of bitter skin,
You can never be too sure with me,
It takes a good eye to know when I am sweet,
And when I am bitter,
I am the commonest fruit,
Nowhere close to the ranks to which you belong.

Sometimes I cannot help but wonder,
How it would be if,
You’d ever love me like your other fruits,
Look at me with proud eyes,
In my absence, speak of me like I was the reason for making your days bright.
I cannot stop asking my unknowing mind,
How things we would be if,
We were both apples,
Whether things would be better,
If I turned out like you,
An apple.

I not only fell far from the tree,
But I was also the swan among ducklings,
I am never as graceful as you,
I never learn to wade as majestically as you,
I never even get to think like you,
Thus my alienation by you…
I turned an orange,
A less elegant fruit…

Sometimes I cannot help but wonder,
If I would have turned out better,
If you would have turned out happier,
If I was your apple pie and you my apple chop…


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