Where is He?


And I love him….
He’s passionate and meek
Powerful and strong
When he opens his mouth
Jewels roll off his tongue
He doesn’t speak sweet nothings
But he chooses his words wisely
And from the fullness of his heart he pours
Sweet ointment into my soul
Teaching me
Nurturing me
Growing me
So I Listen
And let wisdom speak
And I love him
His heart ….
Is the heart of the Father
He is the image of His Son
Generosity and mercy
Love and compassion
Reeks from his being
Almost like a cologne
A sweet smelling incense
A song of praises and worship in motion
With his every action
And I observe and learn
And I love him
He makes me weak
In my weakness he fills me up
with the word of the almighty
so that HE can become my strength
Taking apart every weak link and broken sinew
To reinforce with a stronger fabric
In my weakness I am renewed
For that I love him
I gave him my heart
I couldn’t trust it to a more worthy man
He moulds me as he is moulded with my heart in his hands
As he is perfected in his reflection
I reflect His perfection
To be a reflection of his reflection
One in the ONE no deflection.
He loves me
Not by words but expression
In is mercy long suffering kindness and correction
He keeps me on the right path
So he has my submission
I will serve him
As he serves me
With guidance and protection
And I love him
He feeds me…
I am never left to starve
Every question has an answer
Every concern in my heart
He leaves me satisfied
Enough to edify another
He’s more than a friend
He is also my brother
And like an arrow he makes sure I strive to make the mark
He illuminates my path
So I’m not shooting in the dark
And I love him
He bathes me
Washes away my uncleanness
With the washing of the word
Preparing me for the wedding
Repairing me
making me unspotted from the world
Nurturing and caring for me
As if my life was his own
And I love him.
I may not know who he is yet
But I’m in love with him already
I love him
….. where is he?


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