I knew her long before she thought
Long before she began appearing,
A dainty and bonny face she brought
A beautiful persona
Her amazing mind
Her heart was as jewelry
A cute smile
but one thing she lacked…
She should have come with a …a caution
Her beauty is a mask or a veil
that veils a disturbed garden
many seeds were planted
much soil was left to harden
She never had a husband willing or able
to nurture her soil and make it fruitful
To plant flowers and herbs
and make it beautiful
She’s had bandits who came in and robbed her
of the wild fruit that was there from her Genesis.
They ripped and tore their way into her garden
they broke down the fence and removed the gates
making it easier for anyone to cultivate
She had loafers who came to hang out for a while
they littered her beds even gave her a child
they never intended to care for the seeds
they scattered for harvest but left behind weeds
they abandoned the field when things got tough
that left her with a huge harvest of mistrust.
Some came with good intentions
but unaware of her foundation, added to her woes
her triggers were numerous before taking off her clothes
seeds of doubt and insecurities firmly planted,
seeds of mistrust were nurtured and watered
she bore him fruit and he left the scene
leaving seeds of low self worth and low self esteem.
Her land now a minefield with triggers, buried bombs and overgrown weeds
Noticing her estate she built up high walls to protect what was left,
her harvest a loss.
she gathers her strength to repair the field.
the labour is plenty
the harvest is weak…
She toiled and invested to rebuild and repair
cultivated a portion and gave it much care
her harvest was full
and indeed many saw
how well she maintained that crop she brought forth
Then a husbandman came and to his demise
he watered the weeds of deceit and lies
he watered mistrust by accident and nurtured insecurities as a consequence
left in derision paralyzed with fear she chased him away
not willing to risk
Fruits ready to bare
She went from happy to broken to sad
regretting the loss of the crop that she had
With his error weeds sprung up again
and devoured the harvest
she nurtured to health
Emotionally damaged
scarred and neglected
spiritually drained
tired and afflicted
She builds another wall
higher than before
she refused to allow anyone near her door
Many say they want love but few are aware
some fields need more nurture, more time and more care
a ground left to weeds
barren and misused
would be harder to cultivate to bring forth good fruit
They say “Daughters of Zion…”
don’t awake love until it so desires
they say
good boy can make a sane girl go crazy
‘A Boy’ is only as good as the seeds it plants
are your seeds weeds
or healing plants?
are you planting your own insecurities and fears while
watering bad weeds that’s already there?
Sister is your fence broken down
how high are your walls
if a true husbandman comes
would Jericho fall?
Before you decide to commit sexual hypnosis
count the cost
are you truly ready for this?
She came with a beautiful smile but something was missing
The warning sign



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