Went Wrong Somewhere

Missed the signs
Thought I got it right this time
But at some point, I must’ve
Taken a wrong turn
It’s all backroads anyway
Half the street signs washed out and warped
And the other half not there at all

Been here more times than I can count
Thought I got it right this time
But every time, the jungle shifts into something alien
New turns and twists in the charcoal sheets
The old potholes, I remember and beware
And am swallowed by ones freshly made
I resist past mistakes
Only to new ones make


Was a turn taken too early? Did I take
One too many leaps
Off your secret smiles for me?
Did I read too far
Into those extra seconds
In your warm, beating embrace?
I followed you, I thought,
Along a single path, so how
did we wind up
At two points so different
So very far apart

Was any of it real, tell me
Or was it a feverish mirage
Conjured up by a heat-soaked brain?
Thought I was right this time
I just wanted
To get it right